Shift + Alt = Change keyboard language

Hello mercenaries.


So not long time ago, I started seeing that while I am playing, the keyboard language changes from English to Arabic, but in the game the Arabic letters appear as question marks like this ??? I think that’s because the game doesn’t recognize Arabic yet, but I don’t really care about this now. So I thought that the game changes my keyboard language automatically? I thought about writing a report several times, but I didn’t.


Annnd the funny thing is a few days ago, I realized what is the problem. When I am playing, I hold shift and alt so my ship go down faster with the after burner, so while I am doing this, I am also changing the keyboard language from English to Arabic.


So how to fix this? My solution is that don’t let the game change keyboard language if I am not using the chat. Let’s say I am playing, I hold on shift+alt, the ship goes down, BUT the keyboard language doesn’t chat. And if I press enter to chat, and press shift+alt, then the language changes, since I am not controlling the ship while chatting.



Is this possible? It’s really annoying, sometimes I am battling, I want to send something fast like (Go to beacon C) and all I see after I type everything and raise my head to look at the screen is ( ?? ?? ??? ?) Rofl! And yeah it’s struggling to delete it and retype it, cuz I wasted like 5 seconds or less typing ??? which can be fatal sometimes.

→ Start

→ Control panel

→ Clock, language and region

→ Modify the keyboard or other input methods

→ Modify the keyboards

→ Advanced key parameters

→ Select “Between the input languages”

→ Modify

→ Select “Non assigned”

→ Ok


Sorry my computer is in French so these are the approximate translations of the button names.

Hope this helps!! (I had the same problem at the start of playing Star Conflict and it took me a while to find how to solve it!)


Thank you so much for your help. I changed it to ctrl+shift since I need sometimes to change to Arabic you know, but without using the button below on the taskbar. Anyways I don’t use ctrl+shift in any game, so it won’t be a problem.


Thanks again, topic can be closed.