Shadowy Trace. Stage 1



Cryptogram FRST17-245117
From: UMC
To: all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent: Thursday, December 17
Contract: Shadowy Trace
Employer: Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Attention, mercenaries! Dr. Pavlov hired a dreadnought belonging to Klauss Inc. corporation for his expedition to Alien space. Contact with the dreadnought has been lost. Until recently, the corporation knew nothing about the fate of the Dreadnought’s crew and considered it missing.

Recently the logs of the Dreadnought’s captain Robert Artego have been discovered. It seems that Northstar did manage to return from Alien space. It probably crashed, or was captured somewhere in quarantine sectors.

Destroy the Raiders at ‘Naberia-392’ plant. Scientists from Klauss Inc. corporation will analyze the data obtained in battle, and then we can establish the coordinates of Northstar!



Cryptogram FRST17-2452247
From: UMC
To: all@ pilots_star_conflict
Sent: Thursday, December 17.
Subject: Faction competition

In honour of festive events the heads of the region’s main factions — Jericho, Federation and Empire are arranging traditional competitions.

Choose ships of the side of conflict you want to support, and use them to destroy enemies in PvP battles.

The competition is divided into stages. The side that destroys the most enemies during a stage wins this stage, but absolutely all pilots get unique bonuses.

Choose ships of the side you want to fight for! Bring it to victory in a stage! Get rewards!

Keep an eye on the meter in the hangar. It shows how much time is left before the end of the current stage. Faction Bonuses will be valid only during the next phase.

Current stage: