Seven years since release! Gold Battles!



Seven years ago, on September 4, 2014 Star Conflict was officially released. Since then, the project’s world has changed significantly. For seven years pilots have been fighting each other in PvP, completing PvE missions, and exploring Open Space.


During this time, new fighters, frigates, and destroyers joined the lineup. New weapons and new modules were added. New locations were discovered.


Over the past year, pilots took part in a lot of interesting events. The seventh year after the release began with “Raven’s Flight”; the “Raven” frigate proudly landed in the shipyard. Then our world was plunged into darkness and chaos — “Plague Doctor” and further experiments in “Leviathan” played a cruel joke, which the pirates took advantage of — our pilots will remember the Halloween “time travel” for a long time! This year has refreshed the competitive spirit with major seasonal events that are well rewarded with both in-game rewards and interesting stuff outside the game. The new rank 17 destroyers cannot be overlooked as well! Two of them are already conquering the vastness of space, but we are sure that the Federation will keep up with other factions. This year, we took a new look at space mining — a special “Mole” ship helped us do just that. And before that we were trying to solve the mystery of the cars appearing in space, while collecting parts for “Salyut-ST”. By the way, do you remember about the “Orion’s belt”? Three teams share one battlefield — this is a real spectacle. Thank you for being with us and conquering the universe for another year!


The new year will bring us new surprises. And today we celebrate! Festive missiles “Spark” are available for purchase from September 4 to September 13!

UMC declares Gold Battles!




Pilots! UMC announces the start of “Golden Battles”. Every pilot can earn up to 500 Galactic Standards for winning battles!


Till 04-00 GMT on September 6, pilots can get the following rewards:


  • 50 Galactic Standards for the 5th victory
  • 100 Galactic Standards for the 10th victory
  • 150 Galactic Standards for the 15th victory
  • 200 Galactic Standards for the 20th victory


Good luck in the battles, mercenaries!



Star Conflict Team



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