Settings reset every game launch

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My problem is that any time i launch the game ,my settings reset to default. Somebody else have the same issue ,but that fix isnt work for me.  

(Documents/My games/StarConflict)  The user_config and user_bindings files are not read only, so it should be able to modify that files, but the game doesen’t make any change in this files. Im playing trough steam.

I did start the steam as system administrator but nothing changed. My friend have tottaly the same folder settings on star conflict and he dont have this issue. 

Please help me fix this cz its super annoying to get ear raped every time when i launch the game ,and lose all my key bindings :(.

  1. Check your permissions for Documents/My games/StarConflict

  2. Try to delete folder StarConflict before run the game

I have all the permissions. I did try to change the folder owner to system or admin and give them full permission ,but nothing happened. So i did delete the StarConflict folder before i launch the game. The difference was it did show me the pegi 12+ and the daijin “intro” but everything is the same. No new starconflict folder created by the game or steam or what else should be do it… its seems like the system dont give a fk about missing the mygames/StarConflict folder… ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) 

I am the owner of the my games folder and i have every possible permission.

I have Terraria and Paladins in the my games folder. Paladins do the same but Terraria works well. I play them both trough steam.

i did used this method to check and modify my permissions :              

There is any other way to do it? 

As I undersood, the game can’t create folder into the \Documents\My Games folder. Am I right?


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Sorry, but we can’t help for you in this case. You must check your PC account’s permission.

May be full reinstall the game will resolve problem.