Setting up your own key bindings

This tool offers you the chance to set up your own keybinding.

Installation: Unzip to any place.

Important: Before starting the programm we recommend you to start Version 0.5.4 and close it once if you havent done it yet.

The programm is devided into three tabs:

  • General Configuration -


  • Setting up your ship control -

Ship Control

  • Team commands -


General Configuration - Global


Capturing targets:

- Lock Target -

Captures the target, which is next to your crosshair

- Lock Nearest -

Captures the nearest target

- Lock Locker -

Grab the first goal that captured you

- Lock Assist -

Grab the nearest target, which has already captured one of your allies

- Lock Cancel -

Cancel capture


- Special -

Special modules like Desintegrator or Stealth

- Module (Slot *) -

Activates the corresponding module slot

- Weapon Mod * -

Activate the corresponding main weapon module

- Weapon Mod Next/Prev -

Choose Next/Previous main weapon modules

- Rocket (Slot *) -

Use the corresponding rocket slot

- Rocket Next/Prev -

Use the Next/Previous rocket slot


- Look Back -

Look behind your ship

- Look Around -

Allowes you to look around by pressing and holding the key

Zoom -

Turn zoom on/off

- Zoom Hold -

Zoom until a key is pressed

- Tactic View -

Turn on/off the tactical map

- Tactic View Hold -

Shows the tactical map until a key is pressed


- Self destruction -

Self destruction. Hold down the key

- Show info -

Shows information about ships in sight until a key is pressed

Ship Control



- Move Forward -

Move forward with full speed

- Move Backward -

Move backward with full speed

- Move Left -

Movement (strafing) to the right

- Move Right -

Movement (strafing) to the left

- Move Up -

Movement (strafing) up

- Move Down -

Movement (strafing) down

Twists and Turns

- Roll Left -

Rolles the ship to the left

- Roll Right -

Rolles the ship to the right

- Turn Left -

Turn left

- Turn Right -

Turn right

- Turn Up -

Turn up

- Turn Down -

Turn down

Speed control

- Boost -

Use the afterburner

- Increase Speed -

Increases your speed to a fixed value

- Decrease Speed -

Reduces your speed to a fixed value

- Set Speed to Zero -

Reset speed to 0

- Set Speed to Full -

Sets the speed to the maximum

- Speed Up -

Slowly increases the speed

- Speed Down -

Smoothly reduces the speed

Team Commands - TCS


Team commands:

- Context Attack -

Tells your team to attack the target.

- Context Defend -

Tells your team to defend the target.

Control buttons


- Save -

Saves your settings

- Reset -

Resets your settings to default

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I hope it soon will be possible to set Keys to gaming mouses,

i really would love to have toggle rockets/weapon mods on my mouse buttons 4 n 5.

Any Intel bout this feature, or is there a workaround?

thank you so much ! that’s what i wanted ! :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot for this tool!

Looking forward to give this ago when i get home! :slight_smile:

Now all this would need is to accept my gamepad´s xinput-commands and i am happy :wink:


Oh, and the possibility to change my firing buttons as well.

i find team commands very usefull does this work really ?


and can i change during playing the game or must i quit every time game when i change settings ?

Now all this would need is to accept my gamepad´s xinput-commands and i am happy :wink:


Oh, and the possibility to change my firing buttons as well.

I don’t know about the exact type of your controller but I could use for my Microsoft 360 Controller an alternative driver, where you can assign all axis and buttons to your liking. XInput sound like Microsoft hardware.


When it is the same controler maybe these links are helpfull:

Alternative driver for the wired Microsoft 360 Controller:

Alternative driver for the wireless Microsoft 360 Controller:


When you have the problem, that your stick constantly moves to the left, here is the solution from FlashTHD:,10495.msg20240.html?PHPSESSID=abufou1ci699225m5j1bftsfb4#msg20240


“Also, on the off chance that the controller exhibits ye olde “constantly moving to the left” problem after the install, here’s what you do: download this (or this for the wireless controller), unzip the file named “Delete_DirectInputProperties”, right click, and choose Install. That ought to whip it into shape.”


You find there too a detailed description how to install the driver.

Thx Zirakss for the effort but that won´t help me, since i use a PS3 controller. However, it is seen as a 360 controller, thanks to MotionInJoy software.

In addition to that i could, similar to your suggestion, use Xpadder to assign keys to my buttons and sticks and whatsoever. Sure, it does even work but i assumed that it wouldn´t be needed.




Well, there is an existent xinput file in SC, so normally it would work without any tweaks. I just guess the offered tool here doesn´t realise these keystrokes, since the game itself does (you can use controller ingame without problems, just some “weird” settings - at least for my taste).


Anyway, i was adding this as feedback, since i am pretty sure they are also looking into this kind of stuff. I mean, the even added xinput support and developed this tool after all. Pretty sure it will end up ingame some day.

It is planned to add gamepad/joystick support, but at the moment there is no date for that.

Thx Zirakss for the effort but that won´t help me, since i use a PS3 controller. However, it is seen as a 360 controller, thanks to MotionInJoy software. […]


Ah, it’s good to know such driver exists. Even for the Windows 7 variants. A friend of mine tried to use his PS3 controller on his PC some years ago but he could not get it to fully work in the games he liked. I guess that driver could be interesting for him. Thanks a lot!

Yeah, MotionInJoy works perfectly. Just install and set it to 360 emulation and you´re good as long as the game allows 360 controllers or even if it “only” has native xinput support.

very nice tool.

but, it would be nicer when using the binder “weapon mod next”, you only switch through the actuall installed mods

and not selecting ‘no weapon mod’.


Does Xpadder work for this game? I want to try to use my actual joystick.

xpadder works, since it just emulates keystrokes and the program itself isn´t blocked.

Even chatmacros work (which is really helpful for posting links of common phrases!) with my G15, so i´m pretty sure xpadder should have no problem at all.

Would really like to bind “lock target” to MMB like in WarThunder!

but  target lock is on MMB…try it

but  target lock is on MMB…try it

Cant see it works. Isn’t it “target closest enemy” (normally “T” key)?

I mean crosshair targeting.

Crosshair is “R” Button

Great that 0.7.6 allows to modify keys.