Servers restarted exactly at Dread battle start

I couldn’t find a better place for this.



Just 20 minutes ago, we were preparing for the Federation Olympus sector dread battle, when server reboot has been announced. Servers have been restarted right when dread battle would have started, causing us to be unable to fight, and the sector we attacked to gain +10%, because, according to game “no attackers showed up”. Indeed, we couldn’t show up with servers rebooting…


Was there some kind of serious emergency that this couldn’t wait until dreads are over?


Yesterday, similarly, servers got restarted right after first round of Dreads. Luckily,  we weren’t going for sector ownership because reboot would have terminated the mini-tournament.



Please, there are only a few Dreads during each 24 hours period, we would really appreciate if you didn1t reboot servers right in the middle of one.



More than a little ridiculous, and quite blatantly disrespectful to the USA playerbase. If this happened in RU timezones, the outrage would be enormous.

Honestly. Patches used to happen just before dreads when they were two hours earlier. I hate to sound paranoid, but it’s almost like the devs do it on purpose.

We are sorry