Server selection? [NB]

I didn’t see any post talking about this, if there is, I apologize.

My problem is: When I connect to the game, sometimes I connect to servers (or sub-servers, I don’t know) from U.S., where I can play well, with low ping and no lag. The problem is when I connect to those of Russia, where I have over 300 ping, with near unplayable lag… and the truth is, I don’t understand why I connected to the latter, if logic dictates that I should connect to the U.S. servers because I’m in America. Can anyone tell me how the server selection works? And if is possible to choose which server I connect to.


There is a drop down menu near the “Launch” button of the sector conquest to chose your server preferences. 

No doubt I’m blind u.u

PS: Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.

Also, it may still put you on a EU or Russian Server depending on the que… It will just put you in a US server first if it can.

Also note that when you select the American server, you’re more likely to get a smaller group.  If you want 12v12’s, don’t pick America.  The other side is that your teammates probably all speak english.