Server issue!

J’ai du mal à jouer en ce moment parce que j’ai quelques ascensions Ping, je suis à 14 bases et parfois je monte jusqu’à 1465 !
Je suis en Europe et les membres de mon corps ont le même problème.

I am having trouble playing right now because I have some Ping climbs, I am 14 base and sometimes I go up to 1465!
I’m in Europe and the members of my Corpe have the same problem.

SC forum was abandoned, developers will not give u answer.

Better try write them in discord or Gaijin support.

Rubberbanding, cursed steering with loopings, shooting delay for 3 seconds, server aborts in pvp pve and open space, used iridium to travel and after 4 mins back to hangar and lost iridium and loot… wtf is going on… since 3 days and devs give a fuck… just buy something from the shops! thats important!!! new packs and event loot boxes! just pay money and dont ask questions…

Day 5 now, game is still unplayable and Devs give a fuck. GG im out. Fuck off, Star Conflict aka Wargames!