Seraph & Wolfie - SC Guides and Gameplays

Dear Pilots!


My friend and I ( Seraph & Wolfie ) started a video series dedicated for Star Conflict to help players with several things.


  1. We will make a video after each new patch / update to show you what have changed and what you can do in the game with the new features.


  1. Our gameplay series will show you how you can be awesome in PvP , tricks and tips for your gameplay.


  1. There will be SC Guides showing players each game mode and how they can win easier!


  1. We will make videos on request which a specific ship / weapon set-up for you to see what they are like.



If you have any ideas please share!



You can find our channel with our videos on the following link:



You CANT win easier. Matchmaker forbids it! (counts at least for the games in T4+ due to small matches 3v3 to 6v6) 

great idea hope to see it

Hey all!


We made a new video of the 0.9.9 Patch to show what is new :) 


You can view it here:




Matchmaker can be quite the pain, but if you go in games with a strong squad of 3-4 you can achieve much better results. Since I joined a corporation, my win steaks got much better (6-8) and I lose a lot less games than before (it was more like 2-3 win and 6-7 loss now its the opposite). I am not sure about T4+ matches, as I mostly stick to smaller tier, but I will look into that problem in more detail.


@ 1ace1


Thank you for your support :slight_smile: We are on it :wink: