Seonsory Range - Calculation

I was just a little bit confused, tried a few modules on my Mauler.

The naked Mauler has 3000m sensory range.

i added a white “Enhanced Scanner V (white)”, what gives 90% sensory range.

so, 3000m * 190% / 100% = 5700m (90% of the 3000m are 2700m)

So, thats the theory…


The real value that is shown on my ship instead is 4800m…

thats a 60% range increase, not 90%


When i take the crew skill at rank 2 (75%) it should increase to 5250m, right?

wrong again…its 4500m, so 50%


Both together increase the range to 6300m so 110% (so additive scaling)


so i searched the bug section for sensory…but all i found was a topic that said, that its different from ship to ship…


sooooo…is the description simply bugged (englisch)? have they changed the values without changing the tooltip?

is the ship-screen bugged? or is there simply a value that is not shown that affects this calculation?

Technically there is no bug, while the descriptions is as misleading as lot of other things in the game.

The way it works is that all modifications (sensor range, dmg, speed, rotation, etc) are applied on BASE value, and what you see in stat sheet for ship’s sensor range is NOT a base value.


IRC each Ship class has it’s own Base sensor range, and then depending on the class role there is a native bonus to that value, which are added and then shown in ship’s stat window.

No, that’s not a bug, but it’s not explained anywhere.



Bonus are calculated as a percentage of the base value , and then added to the current value of your ship (that depends on synergy)


Base value is the value of that property for a ship at 0 synergy

For a premium ship it is not obvious because you ship never has 0 synergy… But you can calculate it. 


So they say 4500-3000 is 75% of the base value, so base value = 1500 / 0.75 = 2000


Let’s check the base value for the enhanced scanner :

2000 * 0.90 = 1800

3000 + 1800 = 5800

check !



Both together :

3000 + 1800 + 1500 = 6300

check again !



You can consult the base values for all ships on the russian wiki.

You’ll have to calculate those of the premium ships.