Sentry drone self-damage

If you are flying a tackler, and drop a sentry drone, and are between the drone and the target, its shots can hit you and damage you.


This is very easy to test in PvE when you are shooting a stationary structure - if you are in the drone’s line of fire, you will take the damage from it.

I think that might be intended, given the fact that you can damage your self with explosive weapons and certain modules. But I’m not entirely sure.

Well if you manage to kill yourself with your own drone, you deserve a medal. Yeah, it happens, but don’t be on top of your drone.

Well it happens pretty frequently at least for a shot or two:

  • you are chasing a ship

  • you drop the drone, which is now behind you since you are flying forwards after the ship

  • the drone shoots at the ship, hitting you instead