Sentry drone kills do not add karma in open space

  1. Description: in open space tackler create sentry drone, drone kill NPC, karma does not grow.


  1. Expected: karma should increase from kills by my sentry drone.


  1. Frequency: always.


  1. Time and location: 12:10 Moscow time, Feb, 6 - Outpost zone.

This has already been reported.

Wait…Why would you assume a drone’s actions would count towards YOUR Karma?   

All you did was drop the drone.   It did all the work, not you.


Karma is actually called “Pilot Karma”, not “I used drones karma”.


Dont get me wrong, Im not knocking the use of drones, I use them and love them.

But I fully understand that their use does not effect my karma rating as a Pilot.

I dont see this as a bug or something needing review or correction, in fact, in doing so it would create a logic exploit.   


Heres how:

Lets assume drones are changed to add to your karma.     I know many spots in sectors where I can fly in using Tackler cloaking and plop down a Heavy or Sentry drone and fly to a hiding spot and sit and watch the drones take out aliens. In doing that it would increase my karma unfairly since Im not actually engaging myself.   That would be an exploit and unfair advantage of Karma Ratings for me against other players that can not equip drones or they fly a ship that can not cloak.


This is why that attribute is labeled Pilot Karma.   You increase it by the actions you perform, not by dropping a Sentry and flying off to hide.   Also, kills are not only what effects Karma.   Its also Actions.   Protecting your team mates.  Saving NPCs when they need assistance.   And a other actions.   Its a karma rating value, not a Kills value.


On the flip side as a positive post, use the drone to increase your Karma.    Plop them down and place them tactfully to distract the aliens in a manor that presents itself to you to have a Kill Shot.    YOU kill the aliens, not the drones.   Then your Karma will increase.   The use of drones is not a substitute for you as a pilot.  If it was, Id kill you, take your drones and reprogram them and wouldn’t need wingmen in missions.  Id have speciality drones doing my work for me and sitting back earning karma for it.

Logs needed