Semi-New Player looking for corp



As title says I am semi-new. I started in 2013 but have only really started getting into the game now.

Im looking for a corp for mainly PvE but probably some PvP or SC as well, I normally don’t play PvP as I always seem to get the worst teams.

Also interested in a corp for the open world beta now that I have access.


I mainly use frigates from all factions but im currently trying to get all my ships to max synergy.


On to formalities.

Time Zone: Normally AU/NZ timezone but im going to have a few weeks coming up where I will be on for US and late EU as well.

Comms: I can generally use any comms you have although I prefer TS3.

Language: English only

Stats Page:



Welcome to the Forums. Best of luck to you!

Still looking.

Also interested in corp for open world now.