Selling items?

Is it possible to sell items?, i bought a couple items that i decided i didnt care for and looked to sell them and could find no way- is it possible? Also i purchased a weapon that may have been unusable atm but cannot see the item in hanger item lists or shop lists even though i unchecked all the hide buttons. Also - i guess this kinda pertains to this- when you win a match and win the loot screen appears and looting is done, do these items go into our inventory somewhere or are they instantly transferred into game credits?

You can sell your items on this way: Go to the shop. Select Warehouse and select the item type you want to sell.

The items dont appear in the Equip list, because it could be that you bought a T2 weapon, but your are still using a T1 ship.

The precursor items are sold instantly and the equipment parts can be used.

I did find the warehouse, ty for pointing it out. I thought i had looked everywhere, i thunk’d wrong.