Sell items directly from space

It would be very nice to be able to sell cargo without leaving a sector in space. It could even be made a feature of some “mini stations” in every sector that you can “dock” to like on a Ze’Ta and open a “shop” menu that let’s you buy and sell things like ore and modules.


It would be an extremely simple addition and would make space feel more active and useful.

Maybe some stations could sell unique ammo and weapons and modules that you can only get by buying them there.


For instance mining sectors could sell mining equipment and ores. Scientific sectors could sell ship parts or modules etc.


I still am waiting for a mining laser that you fire at asteroids to spawn ores to pick up.


Super cool idea, to sell items from space directly! Upvote!

But about the lasers who mine… let’s hope not; or it will look like the trash eveonline!

And more feedback:

  1. how about a cargo sending drone in every sector?

  2. a cargo drone visible from everywhere in that sector, not well hidden so you have to remember the place?

  3. how about an option to create your own container? Like dismantle a small part of the ship and make it a container? Like pirate containers?

  4. more intelligent pirates, harder to kill?

  5. a cargo ship with like 50-100 slots? Or more?

  6. a way to transform a destroyer (because of its size) into some sort of cargo ship? Could reach 100 spots i guess ha ha

  7. this for now, more coming!