Sell Drone - Not giving anything from sold cargo.

I spent over two hour in invasion and collected a lot of stuff that was sent in by sell drone. I got NONE of it credited to my account. Aprox 2 Mil in credits and A lot of building mats LOST!  Why is this happening. If this keeps up I will never be able to build my Special Project Ship.


I would really like to know why it did not work. Two hours wasted and I could have been doing PVP or PVE and making credits and such. I feel taken.

Please, read this topic How to create bug reports and try to repeat issue

How do you know you got nothing? Did you go into the workshop and count your materials before and after?


Note that the “Finished Flight” window does not show you anything sent via the cargo drone. I’ve already made a suggestion that it shows details in a list by type, and with “junk” loot heaped into the credits value.

I picked up computer chips and when I got back to the hanger I still had none


This is the second part. After I noticed the problems I stated Recording