Self-Destruct and Jump Cancel

Can we have the self destruct option in open space? Sometimes it happens that you need to return to hangar quickly, but someone cancels your jump by firing at you (be it on purpose or by accident), which can be extremely annoying in some cases.


Suggestion 2: Give us the ability to cancel jumps to other sectors. Just like with the return to hangar and safe logout options, where we can cancel at will by pressing Esc.

An example of how this would help: Today as i was jumping from Felony Border to another sector a pirate destroyer spawned, I couldn’t cancel the jump, and when I came back the destroyer was no longer there.

Yes please!

My destroyer chip sets are at a point where if I accidentally aggro police units, I will become stuck in the sector because they keep damaging me, which activates pulsar, which kills them, which heals me more, making me immortal and unable to leave the sector due to damage/aggressor status.