Selena Oliveira



  • Status: test pilot
  • Age: 28 bio years
  • Origin: “Servant” ark
  • Character type: phlegmatic
  • Character traits: good-natured; considers it her duty to protect those who are in trouble; rarely shows emotion.

Biography: Selena Oliveira was born in 4593 on the “Servant” arc. Her parents were ordinary office clerks. Ever since she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a pilot, but the First Invasion seriously hindered her plans. And yet Selena managed to join the Mendez Family militia. There she becomes the pilot of a long-range frigate and soon finds herself in her first battle against the aliens. During the battle, she shields the refugee transport with her ship, thereby allowing the civilians to escape. As a result of this maneuver, her frigate is shot down and Selena is seriously wounded. She will spend a long time in hospitals, where she will receive many implants. Having returned to the ranks, Selena rushes into the battle again and soon participates in raids on several cyber bases. Selena’s talent was not overlooked — the command planned to promote the girl. Although senior officers saw Selena as the squadron commander, they had to send her to test the latest long-range frigate along with a couple of dozen other pilots. That’s how she became a test pilot, which makes her very happy. Currently, Selena Oliveira has returned to the Family’s militia, but continues to pilot the “Protazan” frigate.

So different from Selena Gomez ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


She’s overrated.

New contract boss?