Selena Galo - Road to Success mission bugged?

My friend and I were trying to figure out this mission to buy boosters in the top right corner.


So we followed the instructions and bought boosters for those 2 slots:

          I bought Thruster’s Overdrive and Shield Tuning (in that order)

          He bought Battle Microchips and Shield Tuning (in that order)


However it didn’t trigger a mission complete. So we played until those boosters ran out. Still no mission complete.

I then tried ordering just one booster and played until it ran out. Same thing no mission complete


Now I’m wondering if the mission bugged out or that perhaps we were supposed to buy boosters using standards. 










this mission is bugged for every player atm


Hopefully they will  fix it with the next patch as it has been already reported.

Please, use the search function before making a thread, we have at least 5 threads like this asking for the same issue.


The devs are aware of it and it should be fixed by the next patch.

i was first one to report it on forums.


prob fixed in next patch. 

i was first one to report it on forums.


Far from it.



Those were the threads in order:


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I know you want it fixed but again, please, use the search function instead of making new threads.