Selena Galo, is this right?

Hello There,

Not sure if this *could* be a bug or not but Selena Galo gives a quest to buy a booster, but the rewards almost seem illogical. A quest before this asked me to use GS before but I gained more GS out of using it in the first place. Ex. The mission asked me to spend 20 GS on some entity. Then rewarded me with 30 GS.


The S. Galo quest asks me to spend 200-700 GS in return for 20 GS. Now my question is, is this supposed to be a reward for 200? instead of 20. Since 200 would have been the cheapest booster and it makes complete sense. But Having to dish out 180 GS to get past a mission, which is an assumed “Tutorial Mission” as shes walking you through where things are located, is very odd. Is there any point to doing this mission if you don’t plan on using boosters? Are there missions beyond this one that matter?


Also, I don’t want to get lost in translation or anything but even the wording of the mission is using terms that seem to put emphasis on the trial of the Booster. 

Please help me understand this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this


It’s been a while but I’m sure she means the credit booster not one of the gold boosters.

Use the second booster slot to buy boosters for credits instead of GS

I’ll have to look again, I don’t think I looked in the 2nd slot. Thanks for the info  :012j: