Hoping to find top ten corporation with large roster of dedicated pilots to add to their efforts to be the best.  Still have not found the right place to be in order to feel like there is the incentive to be a better pilot with the support and guidance of other pilots to fly together.  Mavericks are ok, but teamwork is better in battles.


In game name:  aAlyoshaz

Active Level: Daily

Time Zone: USA (EST)

Primary Language: English



Hey, i d like to check ur stats but cant find u ingame. u sure u wrote ur name right?





What do you mean when you say “top 10”?

Larger rosters do not necessarily mean best.

Yeah posting your stats always helps, most corps attach high value to good numbers…

Do you have TS? OWL is a very team-based corp. We are small so don’t make it to the leaderboards, but we have a small group of pilots on every evening and like to fly competitively in squads. Pretty much all of us are on TS when we come online. Until you define what type of corp you are looking for, I can’t really know if OWL is good for you though! If you are interested come have a chat with us on TS:

And don’t forget to hoot when you arrive

RadiX is a small team based corp. we require mumble (Cuz it’s just so much better than ts :stuck_out_tongue: lol)


I would have to see your stats tho.