Seeking Corp that focuses on teamwork and uses Coms (vent/ts/mumble)

Greetings all.


I started playing this game about a month ago and have enjoyed it quite a bit. But so far w/o being in a player association (clan, squad, guild, corps) I have found the teamwork game play lacking. So here I am seeking a unit to join.


A bit about myself. I have been playing online games with player associations since 1996 (quake). Games I have enjoyed from FPSer’s (Quake, Americas Army, Battle Field) to MMORPGs (Everquest, World of Warcraft, Star Wars) have all had one thing in common… Finding the right group of people to play with, who had similar interests and goals. I generally like to play a support class (corpsman/healer/buffer/debuffer) in these games but I have play all roles at one point or another. As such it is usually vital that I play with people want to use teamwork to its fullest advantage. I am old enough to have had children who would be old enough to be adults themselves now so I generally prefer all adult player associations. Also while I don’t swear like a drunken sailor, I do speak as an adult and that includes some foul language but of course while always treating my fellow players with respect. If you need your coms to be G rated at all times then I am not for you but at the same time if people don’t know how to treat each other with respect in your unit neither am I for you. Also I do work a split shift at work meaning that my play times are not always during the normal times. Presently I would be available to play Weekends after 4 pm eastern till about 9 or 10pm, Mon thru Wed late evenings (after midnight) or mornings, Thurs/Fri most of the day.


What am I looking for in a unit.

  1. Teamwork and Fun oriented

  2. Coms (Vent, TS, Mumble)

  3. Adults

  4. Have enough regular players so there is someone to teamup with.

  5. English speaking

  6. Willing to help train its members

  7. Website a plus but not required


Thank you to all who took the time to read this. And I look forward to hearing from anyone who feels as if their Unit fits my description and I seem to fit what they are looking for.

It sounds like you would fit in with us. We’re a fun and casual group that enjoys good teamwork.

In game you can contact any one of the officers: ZeusGSS (myself) LiexGS or Goddeloos

ytour welcome tro join pulse come check out our forum we are currently the number 2 ranked corp in game PvP wise soon to be number 1

You are welcome to check us out,


We are the top ranked corp in game, pvp based but atm we are mostly farming 4-5m /hr in pve.

hi mate you are welcome to call past our web page and check us out always looking for good pilots and new team mates

You are welcome to check us out,


We are the top ranked corp in game, pvp based but atm we are mostly farming 4-5m /hr in pve.


EVO arnt top rated in PVP :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Thank you for the replies.


ZeusGSS that name didn’t come up when I tried to add it to friends list. I was able to add LiexGS and Goddeloos but when I tried to talk to them in game they did not responde.


Medallian Pulse was at its member limit when I checked.


Uhmari I have registered on the website and I see under your Corporate Updated post that I don’t not meet all of your current requirements. It was nice to see that you mention having weekly training sessions. I don’t make any claims of being The Last Starfighter (is my age showing? lol) but I am certainly willing to learn. If I am still Corpless when I meet All your requirements I will check you out again.


Tealc I will check our your site.


Once again thanks to all those who have replied.