Seeking a corporation

Going straight to the point here i am looking for a Corp i on the Imperial side of the conflict rank 5 and 16 years old playing everyday nearly all day prefer teamwork and squads than playing solo my in game name is my forum name JohnyShepard

i live in Egypt so there will be a time difference but you will see me online most most of the time if there is any other information needed PM me or reply to this topic   

Dynamo [DYN2] is an extension of Dynamis [DYN]. Our corporation is aligned with the Federation. You’d still be able to take contracts with the Empire, but you’d be earning territory for the Federation in Sector Conquest.


We like our players to be on at least once a week, if not more often. But we are quite relaxed, and just like to have fun. TeamSpeak is encouraged, and you’ll have to register on our website.


Send a PM ingame to Luav, hammerforge, or SoldiersFortune (myself) if you’re interested in joining.