Seed Chips math

Hi Guys,


is here anyone who is doing seed-chips math? How is damage/resistance and everything stacking up/calculating?

Regarding the damage which one is better + kin/ther/em or +damage modifier - which will give you more?

Some hints how to stack chips?


Thank you




Im wondering, as well. In general, I recently came back to the game, and was very sad to see that most of the info and guides are quite old and outdated.

It would be absolutely awesome if there were some new infos, guides, etc. I know, it’S work, and people who’ve been playing the game for a while, know their stuff.

But still, it would be awesome, and a  sign that the game is alive from an outside perspective or interested new players.

Anyway, in regards of seed chips, all I could find was this:

Im not sure if Im allowed to post this here or not. It appears to be a Russian player, who has some guides up on his page. I’m not sure how accurate or recent this is, but it gave me some direction.

Hope it helps. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)