Seed Chips - Bugs, typos and odd interactions

I’m just going to stat this thread to compile a list of typos, odd interactions between seed chips and game spaces and other weird goodness.


Typos/Odd wording

-Main weapon spread y , should just be Main weapon spread

-Main damage rate of fire, should just be Rate of fire as this stat also affects module parameters

-Plasma charge thermal damage is listed as “$damage_kinetic$” instead of a legitimate value


-Your ship _ accelerates by 25%, _ should be increases max speed by 25%


Odd interactions

-Remote minelayer is unaffected by module reloading speed seed chips
-Destroyer Secondary slots are unaffected by missile reloading speed or damage seed chips

-Destroyer Secondary slots are affected by  module reloading speed  seed chips

-Having more than one “% chance to remove negative effects” seed chips makes all versions of the effect not work
-Slow bubbles generated by seed chips with the “% chance to slow time for all enemies in x range” can be hacked by system hack
-Radiation clouds generated by seed chip effects can be attacked by Pulsars and hacked by system hack

Extremely Underwhelming effects


This seed chip for it’s rank, rolls and level does virtually nothing. I feel as if the intended effect was " reduces the enemy’s weapon damage by 60% for 3 seconds"  or something along those lines, as that’d be an actual helpful chip. The current chip literally does what it says. It reduces damage output by 0.6 units.



The ignite effect does such little damage standard ship shield regeneration can almost ignore it and the lockout is huge for how weak the DoT is.

The “stopped” effect doesn’t work. At all.



Despite the ram % being so high it does next to nothing. Enemy hull amounts in higher end Open Space and all of PvE are so inflated it barely scratches them. All this modifier does right now is make a player tapping you by accident in a PvP sector nearly lethal for them. Even when using Ram attack at the correct angles this modifier was unable to allow the host ship to instant kill Open Space enemies in higher level sectors.



This feedback applies to the hull variant too. The amount restored is insignificant - even native shield regeneration is higher than the mark 5 variant of the effect and the delay of repeated activations is enormous for the tiny amount given. If the restored amount was 10-15x higher the enormous cooldown would be warranted but at such a low value even 3-4 seconds would barely make this effect worth using.