Seed chip effect activations not overlapping

  1. When using multiple Gold/Red seed chip effects that increase shield resistances under certain circumstances - only the seed chip which provides the highest amount of resistances will activate while the other chips will not activate or cause the stronger chip to activate in their requirements.

  2. For either the strongest chip to gain the activation requirements of the weaker/alternate chips or for the other chip effects to stack with it.

  3. Having different bonus shield resistance seed chips equipped and fulfilling the activation requirements of more than one chip.

  4. If you have a shield resistance chip that requires for example, being below 24% speed for +128pts of resistance and a chip that gives +177pts of resistance when your shields are over 79%, only the +177pts chip will active when shields are over 79% while the 24% speed chip will not activate at all.

  5. Whenever two shield resistance effect chips are installed on a ship. This was documented a month or two ago however, as I did not want to waste GS moving yellow chips around excessively.

  6. Below the report - going to have to waste a chip and some GS to get up to date evidence however ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)

  7. Not relevant.

8. I feel like you guys know my PC better than me at this point, but here - have another DxDiag (attached).

  1. Not relevant.

  2. Not relevant


Screenshots of chips (speed treshold chip + shield over % chip) and buff list when undocked with both requirements met




If this is not a bug however, would it be possible to forward allowing these chip effects to stack? It would make a nice alternative to pure damage chip builds.

[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=19938)

Right, forgot a screenshot with relevant chip descriptions.



Can confirm this happens, and what is worse is that it counts down the active effect and then counts up the new effect so that you have a 10s changeover period!

Accepted as SC-113855