Seed-chip Cooldown Accidentally Increased

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | Before the last patch, my ‘Crushed chip of chrystolite 17’ had a cooldown of 39 seconds, then after last patch and going out alien hunting, the chip’s cooldown time had increased by 100 seconds. I’m positive this must be some sort of error as there was no mention of seed-chips being in altered in the patch notes. |
| What you expected to see | My seed-chip’s cooldown time not to be increased by 100 seconds. That’s a bit overkill! |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | Mistakes, unintentional/unnoticed change, I don’t know… I don’t have control over how seed-chips are changed/altered. |
| Problem details | As I stated before, I believe this just may be a mistake as I put a fair amount of resources into upgrading it, and don’t believe it would be intentionally altered unless stated. Increasing the cooldown is counterproductive, especially when alien hunting as it’s used as what I consider a “fail-safe” and a cooldown of 139 seconds (2:19 minutes) is quite a while for that chip to refresh! I mean you really can’t disagree with me there, especially if you’re using the chip (or different ‘Crushed’ variation) for the same or similar purpose(s).

And before I’m asked, no, I don’t have a screenshot of the chip’s previous stats. It’s pretty bold to assume that one is actually able to predict future changes when you have no information on what’s being worked on. How could I possibly know that? I’m just a player, not a mod or a dev… |
| Frequency of reproduction | Always |
| Time of bug |   |