Sector Warfare - Your Questions?

I have a question! Is Sector Conquest going to actually be fleshed out? Because right now it is a complete joke :frowning:

A: Will sector conquest eventually get its own queue? ATM it is just arcade queue but your win/loss is counted

B: Will you ever actually be fighting faction vs faction? ATM it is just random arcade players, you can even get into matches against your own corp/faction which is absurd.

C: Will there be any reason to conquer space besides for the sake of conquering space? Conquering is all and well, but rewards for victory would be nice too.



Also I feel like Sector Battle is going to be something like how Heroes in the Sky MMO has Occupational War ( ) But I don’t even think it should be implemented at this point since it seems so half baked- even raw.


Couldnt help myself :stuck_out_tongue: