Sector Control Tournament Bug (Dreadnoughts)

So today, my wing was competing at Mining Site. Due to previously known bugs of corporations getting stuck with another corporations dreadnought (and being labeled as said corp), we were forced to play as NIKA. In our first game, we faced Deft, who appeared to have SPB’s dreadnought. We beat them by over 1000 points, and the other two corps who played had their battle, and one beat the other (don’t know who due to identity bugs).


The sector was at 10% at the beginning of the round, so since it took 20% damage, it went down, and launched a tournament for sector control.


Since we played as NIKA and the other corp that won played as Deft, Deft and NIKA were chosen to play in the tournament for sector control, instead of the 2 corps that actually won their battles in the sector. 


Logs and screenshots will be provided.


Screenshot of tournament (didn’t get one of victory message, but victory message and notification should be in game log.



[game.log](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9884)

will be fixed