Sector Conquest

Excuse me can anyone point out what exactly is this mode?


As far as i tried i noticed that it’s exactly the same as playing in arcade with maybe a slightly less variety of players incountered due to the whole faction thing


Does it have any extra traits that needs mentioning? are perhaps “loyalty contracts” obtainable only in this mode?

its arcade… really sad. so right now. its kinda just a new thing. pretty sure they will add bonuses and other such things as well.

This mode is kind of pointless now, it’s just normal arcade

i understand that arcade is popular… but sector control is serious game play not arcade spam whoever has the biggest 4 man squad wins… but still… making it arcade is really sad.


they will add bonuses and such things later but still… idk… just not arcade. at least make the re spawns longer or something.



at least make it ticket based or something like that. like each team gets so meany respawns and the battle lasts longer.

Yep, they screwed up all our ships.


Just for glorified arcade mode…

I would like to see some larger scale battles, and I think the ticket aspect sounds feasible. 


Take reinforcements from the queue and use them to replace players who have left or disconnected for too long.  

Give us faction chat channels so we can motivate more people to join, eg:  “We need 15 more people to join the attack on sector G11”

I too was let down by the Sector Conquest mode as well. I was happy to see that the map reminded me of Planetside 2, but then sad to see the action was forced into 2 predetermined sectors. I also feel the countdown is too long.


For Sector Conquest I was expecting more than just arcade mode. 

There’s absolutely no progress being made in one side taking over the other sides sectors…it is soooo pitiful, what is the point in it’s current state.

honestly… they dont really seem to be doing much content wise. sure the .8 patch had a bit. but look at the “other” games that make the money. they get a butt ton… it feels like they worked on sector. then realized the game is dying and are now like… oh… well release what we have anyway. i dont see any reason to release sector controll with it doing nothing but arcade mode. if i wanted to play arcade then id play arcade. there is no real reason to play sector controll the way they released it. which is to say it was a bad release.

We’ve been playing this game as “random pickup battles” since the start. Seems to have worked so far.


The addition of maps doesn’t change the battles. They are just as fun as before. Is the addition of a map graphic before you enter a battle really reducing the fun of the battles?


Perhaps they are experimenting with the map before implementing more robust rules. Perhaps the map will go away entirely. Doesn’t matter. You still hit “Engage!” and play pew-pew whenever you want.

hey, ehm, i got my anaconda/m tier 3, it has 28k hull, and 22k shield with 70-100 resistance on everything in shield., and like, its now a guard with phase shield and it has been decreased to 4 weapons, so i see my grizzly tier 4, fully equipped, the combat drones is really bad, normaly dmg is 100 per hit wich is way bad, and i cannot have this item that damages close enemys , and it does not have emergency shield. 13-15k regen in over 20 seconds, it has 6 weapons but it has 10k shield and 16k hull, my tier 3 anaconda blasts my tier 4 ships completely, i find engineering ships waste of money right now. my tier 3 anaconda beats every ship i have met so far in tier 4 and that ship is a tier 3 tho… someone needs to boost upp these combat drones and the grizzley’s shield. the ships got really messed upp. if the tier 5 comes, then i got a new ship in tier 4 that i need to buy (its before my grizzly ships kinda wierd cause i bought them long time ago now its a ship between then i got to waste 6,6 million to buy another ship if tier 5 comes… kinda messed upp, hope we get this fixed tho