Sector Conquest. Special conditions



The following conditions were changed in Sector Conquest: the size of the teams in the battles was set to 10 pilots. The maximum wing size remains the same — 8 people.
Stay tuned for news and updates on the project’s official website.


Some zones changed access rank to 13-17

For players from Russia:

  • System: Ydra. Position: Complex “Naberia-392”
  • System: Ydra. Position: Naberia-526

For players from America:

  • System: Erebus. Position: Vanguard Outpost
  • System: Erebus. Position: Barter Zone

For players from Europe

  • System: Solaris. Position: Ruined station
  • System: Solaris.Position: Solaris Wasteland
  • System: Solaris. Position: Terramorphing Station

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