Sector Conquest Questions!

After being asked soo many times about sector conquest, how it works, how to play it etc, i’ve decided to make a topic where everyone can post their question here for the purpose of updating the WIKI PAGE about the mode in all detail with the help of the developers. Russian wiki page as bonus info source.


  • Please post the question(s) as concise as possible.

  • This is not a suggestion topic.

What are the effects of the various additional destroyable modules spread over the opposing dread?  Does destroying them have any impact on the functionality of the dread (other than the points impact)?

  • Does damaging the enemy dreadnought (outside of destroying control systems) have any effect other than the minuscule points it gives you?
  • How do you target a specific zone? I think I’ve fought a battle in the same zone as my corp’s dreadnought exactly once, every other time it’s been a random battle.
  • Is the conquest location always random, or is there a way to fight with your own dreadnought?
  • Is there any way to make it less monotonous? Everyone is reading the same playbook, using the same ships, making the same moves, and stabbing my soul in the same tedious places.

Two questions not addressed in the current wiki:


  1. What is the importance of accumulating faction influence (or, why does it matter if a Corp decides to change dreadnoughts?)


  1. What is retention rate and how is it calculated?


Other questions:


  1. Is there any handicapping if one Dreadnought is stronger than the other?


  1. Is there any advantage to queuing for battle as a Corp wing compared to a Squad?



Pegasus Command

1st question:

Why can’t the Major Caliber and the heavy turrets that are smaller then the Major Caliber (I don’t know what those are called) be destroyed in Sector Conquest like they can be in PVE Missions? Primary example of this is the heavy turrets and Major Calibers on the Dreadnought from the “bad ending” of the mission Price of Trust. Another example is the heavy turrets behaving as plasma batteries in the mission Captured Dreadnought.


2nd Question:

Why the Primary Weapon range and Radar nerfs/debuffs in Sector Conquest? When I’m running with a weapon geared for range (I.E. Dag’nith cannon, Kai fission launcher, recoil compensated cannon) and have them set up with radar range and weapon range of over 7k, I kinda expect those weapons to hit something over 7k away and to see what I’m shooting at, not to get both weapon range and radar range debuffed to barely 5k away.


3rd question:

Is there a way to make Guard frigates more viable for Sector Conquest? The only ones that seem to work are the Boramys and the Archelon as bomb runners or the Project NY18 as a pseudo-Guard/Engineer/Command mash-up at the T5 Conquest.


Question 4: Was there a reason for merging the Rank 10-12 and the Rank 13-17 Conquest areas into a supermassive Rank 10-17 Conquest? Unless you’re flying certain premium ships (Stingray used to be among them) there is a massive Gear and Skill disparity between the 10-12 ships and the 13-17 ships, not to mention their pilots


Avenger12 for Pegasus Command

Is it possible for a Corp to fight two battles at the same time using two different Dreadnoughts in different tiers, e.g., one Dreadnought in Pallas System and another Dreadnought in Procssima System?

ORCA1911 wrote: The factions have quarreled a little lately, corporations had to choose the one on whose side they are fighting and receive rewards from the faction. It is logical that the change of fraction = betrayal and zeroing of all accounts.


What are the rewards from the faction?