sector conquest new mode

Greetings to all developers, I would request an attention to developers, I am assiduous player of this game and try comperar the most for it to become even more widespread among the gamers, and I bring a proposal that I understand you only have to add the game and makes it even more outstanding, the proposal and make industry achievement of one larger event and more dynamic taking into account all potential corporate sectors and improve the division. The proposal is the following:





The sector of conquest happen in the open space in Conquerable maps, and corporations could move as many players had dispuniveis the desired map, there happen one epic battle where the field would take place by the corporation that remained in the node at the end of a specified time, on this map the ship of corporate battle come the hyper jump and would be static, with guns shooting the other ships battles and purpose of the battle would win the stationary map objects, structures, turrets, docks. then the battle would end as soon as a corporation dominate all map structures, or who had higher field at the end of a certain time. Then the bonus would be available, but in the meantime would have to be delivered upon the cargo, so that each player needed to escort a freighter with the bonus content for the map to the base station coorporação, a freighter trasportaria a reward, so that corporations would have to escort freighters queanto many players had a day and so all would receive the rewards. Something like this kind of achievement has been done in a Brazilian game Taikodom, follows a video with an achievement for everyone to have idea of ​​what I speak, I start to hand to further explain this idea.


Complementing each corporation would have to have so many battleships qaunto sectors they wanted to win.





sector conquest of video link similar to that explain:


good idea could be implemented in the game, would give new dynamics to the game.

For sure will give players many hours on the game and a new experience for many who are waiting for something new to play.


Gostatria love to see this idea in the game.