Sector Conquest MM bug - 3v4 Capture the Beacon

First game upon logging in, I was put into a 3v4 in sector conquest. 3 pilot squad from Empire versus a pair of ESBs and a pair of CSA pilots.


3 NASA pilots (Empire)

2 ESB (Federation)

2 CSA (Federation)


Excerpt from the combat logs:


23:35:29.491 CMBT   | 

23:35:29.491 CMBT   | ======= Connect to game session 4297763 =======

23:35:33.390 CMBT   | ======= Start gameplay ‘CaptureTheBase’ map ‘s1420_ceres3_asteroidcity’, local client team 1 =======

23:36:01.236 CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player0 (TacTicalWiZard, #000151A9). ‘Ship_Race1_M_T5_Faction2’

23:36:01.244 CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player1 (BluE, #000238F3). ‘Ship_Race1_L_T5_Faction1’

23:36:01.245 CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player2 (IRONIZE, #000578A4). ‘Ship_Race1_M_T5’

23:36:01.245 CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player3 (m111160, #00092432). ‘Ship_Race3_L_T5_Faction2’

23:36:01.246 CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player4 (Starhammer, #0000CC7D). ‘Ship_Race3_M_T5_Faction2’

23:36:01.247 CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player5 (StormPetrel, #0006E4C3). ‘Ship_Race3_L_T5_Faction1’

23:36:01.248 CMBT   | Spawn SpaceShip for player6 (suslov2013god, #000801A1). ‘Ship_Race1_S_T3’


In addition to the logs, I have made an album of 5 screenshots. However, I had to doctor some of them b/c of profanity. Thanks Tac… and BluE… :lol:



I have no clue as to what could cause this. Any insight?

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Maybe the MM thought the 3-man squad would be stronger than 2x 2-man ones?


I dont know… thats broken beyond… In fact I wasnt able to get one SecCon Battle yesterday (like many others,too). 

If this is the result if you get matched, I consider myself lucky. 

This is, well, as Zap said “broken beyond”. It seems like everytime they add/change something to/in the MM calculations, there’s something else that ends up screwed up. Perhaps they need to start a completely new MM from scratch, work on it calmly, test it in a test server (if there’s any, of course) then swap it to the main game for the “official release”, because as the things are right now, I can predict an epic failure (plenty of lag when there are over 2000 pilots online + broken MM = fail).

First game upon logging in

Maybe your 2x synergy bonus gave you double the skill?

Maybe your 2x synergy bonus gave you double the skill?

That was another small bug I encountered at the same time. I received 5000 credits for 1st day login. The 2x synergy bonus didn’t appear until I stopped playing sector conquest and began queueing for PvE.

MM thinks NASA too good. MM adds some difficulty for NASA.

MM thinks NASA too good. MM adds some difficulty for NASA.

NASA is too good for their own safety, so the MM pulled this on them.

That is one possibility. We could have won the game easily with a fourth pilot. Oh well. I guess that’s sector conquest.


One other thing. Has anyone else noticed that rewards for owning Empire sectors don’t get boosted (2x)? Every reward I’ve received has been the regular amount. No bonus. What gives?

the rewards dont apply to the sectors, they only apply to the rewards for the matches. for example, when federation was at x4 I was getting 500,000 credits and 25,000 synergy from a SecCon loss. now that federation is owning, I get far less than that from a win.