Sector Conquest Matchmaker peace of xxxx

Why do you have to play outnumbered every battle and get the worst programmed bots on your side?

We have the same server setting with several players (up to 8) and talk to each other in the ts when we go into battle. And we are never put in a battle together. Some get into action after a short waiting time, others wait 5 minutes.

So before you bring any new ships into the game and oh so great new types of combat, please finally take care of the matchmaker. Because it doesn't make sense to fill one side with bots and fill the other side with human players who also come from different clans.


The pictures show the battles one evening at 7 p.m. battle time







if you are 1 or 2 in group, you ll get this… if you are 3 or more in group you will get this and worse = if you are more in groups you will get all big strong teams…and because there is only sames teams who play, against almost nobody…so they can dominate and win all time all sector they want…and all other finally stop to play bc they lose almost all time… or some wins against bots, that is really not interresting;…also i heard that some teams, (all time same players) use aim bot, dev know that but they ask for evidence that nobody can give… so it’s easy for these players who can almost all time doing spawnkill in few min… that is also not interresting for other players…

we play at 19 h, or at 21 h conquest, and its same as your time…

thanks to you, i tried to change server, and it work well… more lags  in the begining,but we can manage  and no sames teams with AIM BOT ! just nices team who fight normaly that it make balanced games! was very nice , for one time !

On 2/26/2021 at 9:48 AM, SheenShade said:

also i heard that some teams, (all time same players) use aim bot, dev know that but they ask for evidence that nobody can give…

The evidence being a recording and report during the battle. Why are you saying nobody can provide a recording + logs? Every single report that describes any kind of illegal help or automation is read and if necessary - sent for further evaluation. Making a report during the game helps further as it adds the session ID to the report, so it’s easy to pinpoint which game the report is talking about. 

If you are saying that “all time same players” use the aimbot - why no one is reporting them? It doesn’t take long if there is a proper evidence provided. However without evidence no one will go forward and delete the player’s account (that’s the final punishment for using aimbot). 


okay, Im not able to record a battle with my pc, so i can’t give evidence. Some ppl of my team already reported those players several time, but without this recording (i suppose)…will ask them to record battles also, maybe this time you ll be sure…