sector conquest 7-9 and pilot's rating


so, even if we get more than  1000 effectiveness points and even if we win the battle, we lose al lot of pilot’s rating ?

Just, WHY ?

one more thing that does not encourage ppl to play sector conquest…so, WHY ?

Pilot rating is based on the ship rank you fly + your overall performance, if you mostly play r12 ships you probably wont exceed 7k-ish points, for r17 its 9k etc etc

thanks for your reply, but, really, speaking about hard battles and not ships ranks, do you think sector conquiest with r 7-9 is easier than other ? so, in my opinion, this machmaking is, one more time, bs…

T3 is easier than top rank, pilot rating isn’t relevant to the matchmaker as it uses a completely different way of matching players.


Just one thing, for ppl who are XP and with full rang ships,  play with T3 ship in sec conquest, it’s maybe easier, but for new ppl, no… and they just stop to play this, finally.