Sector Conquest 2136 points is worth more than 3179 points

  1. After sector conquest for Federation Sectors, the corporation Fowler Defence [FDEF] had 3179 “defending forces” points towards the sector Eastern Mining Station and the corporation New Atlantis [NeAt] had 2136 “Challengers” points. After the queueing period closed, NeAt took the sector from FDEF despite FDEF having 1043 points more than their challenger.

  2. Fowler Defence should have kept the sector.

  3. Fowler Defence was attempting to control as much of the Federation sectors as possible, having planned to hold 7 sectors (‘Poseidon’ Complex, Vanguard Outpost, Ice Belt, Control Post, Service Shop, Northern Mining Station, and Eastern Mining Station) but lost two sectors (‘Poseidon’ Complex and Eastern Mining Station) to this bug.

  4. We’ll start losing the sectors we fought days for to hold at the same time - this was intended to be a morale boost to the Fowler Defence corporation’s players, but the loss of Eastern Mining Station and ‘Poseidon’ Complex due to a glitch ended up being a demotivator.

  5. Two Three occurrences are known to me, once the Ultra [Ultra] corporation lost a sector due to a similar glitch in Sector Conquest several years ago while the bracket system was still in use, the one at the following link

and the occurrence in the video provided.

  1. Logs: [2017.11.29](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15609) Video: (appears at 55:30)
  1. 08:45 EST)

8. [](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15606)

  1. N/A

  2. Sector: ‘Poseidon’ Complex | Time zone: 08:01 (EST) | System: Velorum (7-9)

I’m not sure where else to put this because it doesn’t belong in Match Making section (not related to queueing).

After the cycle is over there is a recalculation of remaining points and after that owner is decided. Considering how owners lose points in higher volume than attackers, there is no issue here.


at the 56:04 of the vide, it is clear that FDEF has no point +1156 carried over points that will be applied net cycle (most likely battle was over after cycle was compleated) 

The points are reduced by (not sure how much exactly) about 45% when queueing for the time zone opens, since when does it also reduce points when the cycle closes?


The point wasn’t the +141 and +1156 points that were acquired after the cycle ended, the point was that NeAt took the sector with 2.1k total when FDEF had 3.1k total in defense, but if it now reduces points afterward as well as before, then that’s cleared up. Not sure when this was implemented, but as far as we remember, it used to be that corps would only lose points when the queueing first opened, thus the cause of confusion. The only changes I’ve found on the forums to sector conquest were “stability” changes (that have seemingly made it worse). Has it always been this way, or am I just not looking hard enough?


Precycle reduction is flat 50% for owners, and variable for attackers based on time sector is owned.


After cycle reduction is not flat but based on relative percentages of attackers to an owner, taking into account amount of attackers as well, sorry can’t remember the actual formula.

Ok, thanks for clearing this up, looks like we’ll have to rethink our strategy a bit.

Battles go constantly and the results in the interface are late. Most probably there was another fight, the points changed, therefore, the owner changed too.