Sector Conquest 1v3/1v4

Ugh… I have been dealing with this issue for more than 3 weeks and I can’t handle this anymore. For the past three weeks or more, I have been forced into dogfighting 3 to 4 SADOs trying to blast my Dreadnought, with me being the only human out of 4 “pilots” on my team. My Corporation’s Dreadnought is a “Liberator” with Shielding Catalyst (seen in the top two images; the bottom-most and middle-right is on a random Dreadnought), so with 2720 points versus 2000 points, that’s still very bad odds, especially when you consider I’m teaming up with 4 dumb AIs. The result? Defeat with 0 to 1000 pts. And this is what happened during the course of just a few weeks:


You may be asking: “Ry, what about the battles 2 weeks ago?” Well, my 1TB SATA hard disk crashed because ants literally made a nest in it probably because I left it on for weeks on end. So there goes all my precious proof. Also, this seems to happen SPECIFICALLY with SADO, being the cheaters that they are. I have no issues with other Corporation’s troopers. What does the Matchmaker think I am, some kind of space-age John Cena?


I hope something will be done about this within a week. Next Monday, if I see any more solo versus 3-4 SADOs, I am so giving this game’s Matchmaker a lovely showcase on a Facebook post. And I have 400 or so friends, so that’s bound to be an impact.









Is issue repeated?

Isn’t it a bit ironic that you are bragging about your FB friends, while you can’t even find friends in your Corp to fight with you during sector conquest?

3 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Is issue repeated?

Yes, it is still quite common to see 1v4/2v4 matches in Sector Conquest.