Sector Conquest 1575 points is worth more than 1848 points

  1. After sector conquest for Federation Sectors, the corporation Fowler Defence [FDEF] had 1848 “defending forces” points towards the sector Eastern Mining Station and the corporation GwiezdnaEskadra Zet [ZetPL] had 1575 “Challengers” points. After the queueing period closed, ZetPL took the sector from FDEF despite FDEF having 273 points more than their challenger.

  2. Fowler Defence should have kept the sector.

  3. Fowler Defence was attempting to control as much of the Federation sectors as possible, having planned to hold 7 sectors (‘Poseidon’ Complex, Vanguard Outpost, Ice Belt, Control Post, Service Shop, Northern Mining Station, and Eastern Mining Station) but ended up only getting to have 6 because of this bug.

  4. We’ll start losing the sectors we fought days for to hold at the same time - this was intended to be a morale boost to the Fowler Defence corporation’s players, but the loss of Eastern Mining Station due to a glitch ended up being a demotivator.

  5. Two occurrences are known to me, once the Ultra [Ultra] corporation lost a sector due to a similar glitch in Sector Conquest several years ago while the bracket system was still in use, and the occurrence in the video provided.

  6. Logs: [2017.11.28](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15605) Video: (appears at 48:10)


  1. 23:45 PM (EST)

8. [](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15606)

  1. N/A

  2. Sector: Eastern Mining Station | Time zone: 23:01 (EST) | System: New Ceres (10-12)

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