Secret projects in invasion

This wouldn’t add much in the ways of content, but it would be really cool if the carriers of blueprints or ship parts had the model of the item somewhere on them, or being dragged behind them or something.


1)A cargo ship is carrying one or more ship crafting parts.

It’s model would be changed out for a framework-like model with a ship held inside.

2)A standard pirate has the blueprint for a Mk5 coil mortar.

It’s model is given a sort of gravity gun beam out the back that is carrying a weapon.

3)A mysterious container is found, and it has the blueprint for a Reverse Thruster.

It’s model, once revealed, would be the active module disk associated, or some other like model.

This could also make for some very interesting additions of ships and weapons and modules.

Not exactly sure how the majority of the module items would be shown, but I -really- like the idea of a ship being carried by a cargo ship.

I had the exact same idea, just more detailed and complex.

I believe, that there is 0,0000% chance that this might happen anytime soon.

Also, a bot Bounty or Pirate Hunters with only Secret Project ships would be probably nice too.

Yeah. That’d be awesome

Bots would have to be in fully snyergised ship with Mark 4/5 equipment and all implants up to rank 15 would have to be active.

They would always came in a group of 2 and not just 1.