Secret Project Ships not treated as Premium Ships

Alight, I was extremely happy to finally be able to craft the Jaguar after all the waiting. Yet, I just noticed something that has just sapped a lot of that joy away.


These Secret Project Ships, despite being top of their class, are not treated as premium ships. That means, no extra cargo space, no free respawn out in Invasion, and (my personal favorite) you have to repair them. And guess what? They ain’t cheap.


I just got back from a joyride out in Invasion to test out the Jag, and I died a few times while trying to get a feel for her. I jump back to the hanger and BOOM! I was met with a flashing red message that demanded I fork over 200,000 credits if I wanted to fly her again. 200,000 What kind of crap is that? Is it not enough that it took months to scavenge the parts for this thing, now I’ve got to grind credits just to repair it over and over again? So much for making any sort of profit!


And that’s not even mentioning the scant 5 cargo slots I have. FIVE. And to think I was going to use it as a free-roam pirate ship. Guess I can’t stray too far from those Cargo Drones, now can I?


Seriously, what is this garbage? They don’t even count toward rank progress and unlock the implant crews!


For once, can we please have something nice that doesn’t require constant grinding AFTER we have built it?

We have had SP ships for over a year, and they always have been this way, why do you act like all of a sudden they should be changed?

We have had SP ships for over a year, and they always have been this way, why do you act like all of a sudden they should be changed?


Perhaps because up until this point I hadn’t built one for myself and had assumed that, because they are the ultimate ships in their class, they would have all the nice benefits. I mean, if you have reached the point of crafting one of these ships, it stands to reason that you have arrived at the endgame. That it’s time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, tax-free, and just sigh in contentment at what your time has wrought.


But of course, I was wrong. Because large investments of personal time aren’t valued by this game and it’s developers. You give and give, only to have it demand more and more.


Why should it be changed? Because I was planning to retire. I was going to be nice and happy that I’d finally made it to the end. I was going to log in a few times a week, pirate a few random players out in Invasion, and then log out. But no. No, these ships require maintenance. It doesn’t matter that you spent months to craft them. Now you have to pay upkeep fees at 200,000 credits a pop. Cool. At least I know the truth of it now.

There are entire threads devoted to this topic. Everybody agrees the Secret Project ships need at least the 20% free synergy perk. Keep petitioning the Devs they do change things based on civil persistent feedback.

I have been the most vocal with Secret Projects in the past.

I also insisted that Secret Projects should have a different category, under your profile.


My suggestion is listed [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26249-slight-tweak-of-the-profile-interface-top-right-options-only/?p=310839).


We need to know that Secret Projects are not meant to be Premium ships, but they could be categorized differently, since they are also NOT standard ships, but they are CUSTOMIZABLE.