Secret Project Ship Parts - misleading description in Armory and Workshop

Simple and short text bug report:


Remove misleading descriptions from all craftable ship parts in the Armory and the Workshop.



Text must be corrected for all Secret Project Ship Parts available.


- Exterior structures

- Internal structures

- Engine package

- Computing systems

- Deflector package

- Reactor package


The problem lies in the description, which states:


Can be found in destroyed ships or produced in the workshop.


This is incorrect and misleading.

You cannot find any Secret Project Ship Parts in any destroyed ships in Invasion.



I am suggesting the following text correction change:


Can be found in Special Ops trophy search phase or produced in the workshop.



This would solve the issue, which is clearly very old now.

This has always been a lie, these parts have never been found in any destroyed ship.

will be fixed

will be fixed

Description will be fixed or parts, which may be added in Invasion?

I assume that description will.



Thank you.

This issue has been corrected.

This thread can now be closed.


Thank you!