Second inter-corporate championship!

We are announcing the start of the second inter-corporate championship!


The tournament winners will receive sizeable rewards.




Tournament rewards


The winning teams will receive:

  • 1st place — 50 000 Galactic Standards for each pilot!
  • 2nd place — 40 000 Galactic Standards for each pilot!
  • 3rd place — 30 000 Galactic Standards for each pilot!

But that’s not all!


The other teams that reach the playoffs get:



  • For reaching the semi-finals 15 000 GS
  • For reaching the quarterfinals 10 000 GS
  • For reaching the 1/8 6 000 GS
  • For reaching the 1/16 4 000 GS

(The rewards for each stage are not be summed.)


The pilot with the most frags will get 15 000 GS.

The pilot with the most assists will receive an additional 15 000 GS.


And that’s not all: the jury that includes the administration of the tournament and the game developers will select the following nominations. Prizes in categories award 1500 GS to each member of the team. In individual categories — 3000 GS. 



  1.  Most suspenseful battle.
  2.  The will to win.
  3.  Best new team.



  1. Best Engineer
  2. Best ECM
  3. Best Recon
  4. Best CovOps
  5. Best Long-Range
  6. Best Command
  7. Best Gunship
  8. Best Guard
  9. Best Tackler

Application rules for ICC 2

  • No more than one team from a corporation can take part.
  • All players must be in a single corporation.
  • One player can only be a member of one team.
  • Accounts and corporations registered after September 23 are not allowed to participate.
  • Captain sends an application and carries out coordination and communication.
  • The teams consists of at least 8 pilots including the captain.
  • Teams can have up to 7 substitutes.
  • The maximum team size is 15 players including the Captain.


Start: September 23

End: October 7

5% reward bonus in the first week of the registration (till September 30)


Registration will take place in a special thread created on the game forum. All questions about the tournament are here.


Sample applications:

  1.  Corporation name.
  2.  If your team name is different from the name of the corporation, you can specify it separately.
  3.  Captain’s nickname
  4.  Team members’ nicknames
  5.  Substitutes’’ nicknames

General Rules

  1. Ship tech ranks: 7-9.

  2. Friendly fire enabled.

  3. Combat Drones, and ‘Apocalypse’ Missiles are prohibited. ‘Inquisitor’ and ‘Fireworks’ are also prohibited.

  4. All modules unavailable for purchase in the store at the time of the tournament, coprocessors, light hull and submatter shield are prohibited as well as weapons from Miss Summer.

  5. Mk.5 Weapons, Mk.4 ammunition (from ‘Attacked sectors’) are allowed. New engines and heavy guard drone are prohibited.

  6. For failure to arrive for battle or delay longer than 10 minutes, the team receives a technical defeat.

  7. For fixed battles, both teams will be disqualified from participation in the tournament at any stage.

  8. A pilot leaving the battle (‘Offline’ state) is the team’s responsibility — the battle will not interrupted.

  9. Switching players in the application form is allowed before registration closes. 

  10. Substitutes without the consent of the administration are not allowed.

  11. All the other rules are stated in the general rules of eSports events. If common rules and regulations of the tournament contradict each other — priority is given to tournament rules.

  12. For questionable behaviour of individual players on the team — namely objectionable remarks against another team, viewers, streamers or commentators — and unsportsmanlike behaviour a player is given a warning. With repeated warnings the player is suspended from participation in the tournament and then the team plays in minority to the end of the tournament.

  13. The server is selected by the administration of the tournament with the best possible rates for the teams.

  14. The number of ships in slots for one player can vary from 1 to 4 ships. 


Group Stage.

  1. Each team plays 2 battles with each other team.
  2. Game modes: Team Battle and Capture the Beacons
  3. Victory in every battle is awarded with 3 points. 1 point for a draw.
  4. The 2 best teams that scored the most points in the group advance further.
  5. Maps of the group stage: ‘Devil’s Jaw’ (Capture the Beacons), ‘Monolith Remains’ (Team Battle).


  1. Game modes: ‘Team Deathmatch’ and ‘Capture the Beacons’
  2. Teams play until 2 wins. (Draw does not count).
  3. Finals and match for third place are played to three victories. (Draw does not count).
  4. Maps of the playoffs: ‘Eastern Mining Station’ (Capture the Beacons), ‘Ancient Ruins’ (Team Battle).



Administration can change any rules and regulations during the championship.

5% reward bonus for teams which will be registered till 30 September



Broadcasting channel


Playoff bracket




4 “worst” teams (teams which take the second place with the lowest amount of wins or teams which take the second place in the group with only 3 active teams) with the lowest amount of points that reach the playoff should play elimination matches in 1/32 finals for the right to proceed in 1/16.




Rewards have been changed

  • For reaching the semi-finals 15 000 GS
  • For reaching the quarterfinals 10 000 GS
  • For reaching the 1/8 6 000 GS
  • For reaching the 1/16 4 000 GS


Groups A и B - we are deciding the suitable date and time with captains now. 


First week.

October 10 18.00 (UTC+3) - Groups С and D. 

October 11 18.00 (UTC+3) - Groups E and F. 


Second week:

October 17 18.00 (UTC+3) - Groups G and H.

October 18 18.00 (UTC+3) - Group I.  



Third week:

October 24 18.00 (UTC+3), October 25 18.00 (UTC+4) - playoffs

Results of groups C and D







  • Group D, matches: A:  DESU-SCORP, C: STAR-DESU, E: DESU-STORM
  • Group C, matches: A: Black Sun Empire [bSE] - CCCP [CCCP], C: SIRIUS [sRS] - Black Sun Empire [bSE], E: Black Sun Empire [bSE] - NoQuestions [NQ]
  • Group C ,  matches: B: NoQuestions [NQ] - SIRIUS [sRS], D: NoQuestions [NQ] - CCCP [CCCP], F: SIRIUS [sRS] - CCCP [CCCP]



The matches of groups A and B will take place at **22.00 (UTC+3) on Saturday **October 17 

Results of groups E and F

Groups A and B are playing tomorrow at 22.00 (UTC + 3). There will be 4 judges for the matches: Akaurl, Doomb0t, Rakza and Error (list of judges can be changed)


Group A: Akaurl, matches A: Ultra [ultra] - Fowler Defence [FDEF]; C: Gates of Darkness [GoD] - Ultra [ultra]; E Ultra [ultra] - Balkan Corp [exYU] 

Group A: Doombot, matches B: Balkan Corp [exYU] - Gates of Darkness [GoD];  D: Balkan Corp [exYU] -  Fowler Defence [FDEF]; F:Gates of Darkness [GoD] - Fowler Defence [FDEF].

Group B: Rakza, matches A: The Owl Inititative [OWL] - RadiX [RadiX]; C: TRICOLORE ITALIA [iT4LY] - The Owl Inititative [OWL]; The Owl Inititative [OWL] - CZech Ravagers [CzR]

Group B: Error, matches B: CZech Ravagers [CzR] - TRICOLORE ITALIA [iT4LY]; D: CZech Ravagers [CzR] - RadiX [RadiX]; F: TRICOLORE ITALIA [iT4LY] - RadiX [RadiX]; 


Remind you that every match consists of 2 rounds (Monolith Remains’ (Team Battle) and ‘Devil’s Jaw’ (Capture the Beacons)), 3 point for a win in the round, draw - 1 point.  

Judge creates a custom battle with a password and invites captains (via in-game personal messages) to join this battle. When all players are gathered, judge leaves a match and rejoin as a spectator. The maximum waiting time is 10 minutes if a team exceeds this time - technical defeat. 

Let’s watch today tournament matches on this channel

Today matches

Lezort: group I:  A: niji no ressha [Deft] - Jericho Air Force [JAT], С: Dead Space [DS]- niji no ressha [Deft], E: niji no ressha [Deft] - The WolfPack [WPK]

Moya: group I: B: The WolfPack [WPK] - Dead Space [DS], D: The WolfPack [WPK] - Jericho Air Force [JAT], F: Dead Space [DS] -  Jericho Air Force [JAT]

Results of A and B





Results of I group






Playoffs bracket



New information about playoffs : in the case of a draw after two rounds  (‘Eastern Mining Station’ (Capture the Beacons), ‘Ancient Ruins’ (Team Battle)) -  the third additional round (Capture the Beacons).

Curators of today matches:


6pm UTC+3 (MSK time)


Lezort : J: Warp Gopnik [DESU]- SIRIUS [sRS], H: Nova Corporation [Nova] - SPACE INQUISITION[sINQ], K (round 3)
protozz : C: Syndicate [sYN] , E: ANGER [ANGER] - TerraLuX [LuX], M: (round 3)
Moya : D: RadiX [RadiX] - Fowler Defence [FDEF], F: Blades [bLAD] - Evil Space Bears [ESB]; L (round 3)
FifthRom : I: SCORPIONS [sCORP] - Black Sun Empire [bSE], G: The Owl Initiative [OWL] - The WolfPack [WPK] N (round 3)




Semi-finals and finals tomorrow.

Pilots! Let’s watch today tournament matches on this channel :arrow_right:

Tomorrow the last day of the tournament. Don’t miss it. First games - 6pm UTC+4 = 2pm UTC





Pilots! Let’s watch today tournament matches on this channel :arrow_right: