"Second chance" Tournament!

New tournament for the teams who dropped out of [The first inter-corporate Championship](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24001-the-first-inter-corporate-championship/) before or during the stage of 1/8!




Mercenary Centre gives you another chance to earn big prizes and to prove that all your training was not in vain!


Applications: every team that dropped out before or during the 1/8 stage of the first Championship can participate. Only vice-presidents and corporations’ leaders can apply for the new tournament (link to the the picture proving your position is required).


Example: http://i.gyazo.com/366823d4855af7b125027165a233ead9.png


All the application must be sent using forum messaging system or in-game mail to the pilot named Troll


Team composition:

Captain (responsible for the communication and coordination)

Team of 6 players (+ captain)

Reserve players, if necessary (up to 3 pilots) 

Maximum team size including captain and all reserve players - 10, but not less than 7.



Start of the registration - September 15th

End of the registration - September 19th


Final days:

September 28th and 29st


General rules of the “Second Chance” Tournament

  1. Allowed ship ranks: rank 7 - 9.

  2. Friendly-Fire is turned off.

  3. All modules, weapons and ammo are allowed.

  4. If a staged fight is detected at any stage during the Championship - both teams get disqualified and excluded from the tournament.

  5. If a players looses the connection to a battle (“Disconnected”) the team is responsible and the battle will not be interrupted.

  6. All other rules are listed in the General rules of e-sport events. If any e-sport rule conflicts with the regulations of the Championship - the Championship regulation takes priority.

  7. For incorrect behaviour of individual players on the team - incorrect statements about the other team, observers, streamers or commentators of the Championship and unsportsmanlike behaviour - the player is cautioned - if the player continues after repeated warnings he will be suspended from the tournament and the team plays with less players until the end of the tournament.

  8. The administration of the Championship selects the server on which the battle is hosted to its best possibility.

  9. The number of allowed ship slots is 1 - 4.

  10. For this Tournament will be used the play-off system - till the first loss. One match = one battle.




First place: 9,000 GS for every pilot plus 5,000 artifacts

Second place: 7,500 GS for every pilot plus 4,000 artifacts

Third place: 5,000 GS for every pilot plus 3,000 artifacts


Match schedule will be revealed in the nearest future.

Due to technical problems decided to postpone the tournament. Compensation for teams will be given on next week.