Seccon matchmaker broken


The seccon matchmaker needs an overhaul. Aowar constantly solo queues and with their high number of players, it causes the matchmaker to put a whole solo “wing” of them with one or two of us. They do it on purpose because they do not like PVP. They avoid it at all costs. There are people on Aowar who will leave games that have more than 3 players because they know they can’t win it as easily or just don’t want to PVP. Its not fair that they own all the secotors because they avoid PVP and only play bots. Some of us hate PVE and only like to play PVP. Its ridiculous that i have to play 1v4 or 2v5 to be able to play PVP in seccon. Its just making this game not fun for veterans and also new players are turned off to playing this game because one corp dominates everything with no way to contest it as smaller groups.


 A friend of mine made a very good idea so I will quote him.


"Sector Conquest Matchmaking

  1. Change the system so that any group of 4 or fewer players can be placed against their corporation
  2. Set a limit to the maximum player difference between teams, for example, teams should not have more than 1 more player than the other team
  3. Increase the influence gain based on how much one side is disadvantaged (and vice versa)
  4. Improve the bot strategies or remove them entirely


Justification: Being from a corporation that is based almost entirely in one-time zone, since I am an Oceanic player I queue for other sectors, and generally find myself in 1v4 situations, and although I generally beat a lot of these players in a 1v1, in a 1v4 I generally find myself unable to do all the important tasks by myself (defending from bombs + torps, while also having enough offense to deplete their points). I consider myself an average/above-average player, and yet still find myself helpless in these situations, let alone less capable players from even smaller "


The screenshots i attached is on a good day with aowar. Normally I’m by myself. The more I play seccon the more I will post screenshots of what we have to deal with as a small corp as i play more. They are abusing the Matchmaker and its bannable is every other game. Please fix this, its ruining the game for everyone but Aowar.






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