SecCon - AI Imbalance?

Hi everyone! I’m sure many Mercenaries love to play Sector Conquest, especially with the new Faction Voucher update, but I’m experiencing a problem lately; AI-controlled bots’ intelligence seem to be unbalanced in SecCon. I lost two out of two battles in one such time window for SecCon (just take a look at the picture attatched). The AI on the enemy team scored almost twice the amount gained by my team’s AIs. Has anyone gotten any problems similarly recently? If so, let me know. Thanks!


No, that just happens, but judging by your ship lineup compared to the one of the enemy player I don’t think you would’ve won, best way to do it is to take a fast ship, specifically a covert ops and use it to plant bombs and nukes, not much of a point in killing each other.

Yeah the goal is to damage the enemy dread, not to kill the players. Sure it helps a lot, but you can still top the scoreboards getting close to zero kills.

AI in this game is rather simple. If there’s a red target in the HUD, it will pursue and shoot at it until it is gone. This can lead to either way OP AI, or way UP AI.