Searching for a Corp to learn and move up to Sec Con



As the title says I am looking for a corporation to learn T3+ and eventually move up to Sector Conquest.  I am experienced league/serious game mode player from HC MW4, Global Agenda’s AvA, and WoT world conquest modes.  I play during the day PST noon - 4, and then later after midnight most days.


Current ships I am working to get set up at R14 - R15 when I get there.

Empire ECM

Empire Command

Empire Gunship

Empire Engineer


Hopefully I got this screen shot added right.  Was taken when I finished getting the last of my T2 ships to max synergy. 




Corps may be much more interested in your language, timezone and communication (Teamspeak, Raidcall…)


Please check this site and contact a Corp which suits you

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/14458-list-of-active-english-corporations-in-star-conflict/)



you registered a year ago … what happened ?


welcome back to the Conflict

55 fleet strength with 340 pvp battles and 52 pve games?

So efficient…



If interested, apply for NASA here:

55 fleet strength with 340 pvp battles and 52 pve games?

So efficient…

If interested, apply for NASA here:

i see he bought like 3 DLCs so he could just use gold standards to synergize

Since some questions were asked or suggestions were made.  Here are the answers.


Language: English, and a smattering of many European languages (mostly learning how to curse like a sailor from our exchange students)

Time zone: PST

Comms: I prefer TS3 as I already use it for other games, but will install what ever is necessary.


To answer the questions yes I started my account a short time after this game came out on Steam, but at the time then MM was matching my R1-R2 ships against R7-9 ships to fill up matchs and I took a break.  I was reminded of this game after a friend wouldn’t stop talking about Star Citizen so reinstalled and enjoyed myself ever since.


I have all 6 DLC as I was enjoying myself and wanted to give some money to the Devs for making this game.  I have used the GS from the DLC to buy a 4th ship slot cause I got tired of not having an engineer in my Combat recon and later Team battle matchs(always have 1 inty, 1 fighter, 1 frigate when I level).  Also used it to convert some of the purple kits to artifacts at least ones that give a good ratio of GS to Artifact.  As noobtrain mentioned when the sales came around like right now 300 exp for 1 GS to free synergy I converted it off my Engineers which always had way too much.  Last but not least I bought some premium time when it went on sale.

Check us out, we just reopened our recruitment !

most corps use TS3 so you should be fine