Searching Corporation

I am searching for a Casual and friendly English/“Majority English” speaking Corporation. I have at least 3 T2 ships, 2 Empire and 1 Jericho. To sum up what I mainly do, I am a grunt, may not seem important, but such a play style actually pays off in the end. Got a handle of advance control scheme, using strafe and elevation jets to increase mobility. Wanting a Corp that isn’t going to kick just because of a duration of inactivity. Looking forward to joining you in combat.

Check out my corporation, Galactic Arc. Or write me a message in game:

IGN: Semaphorism

I may take a few hours to respond.

(In my signature), we’re not very competitive, however we are friendly and play well together. We also require teamspeak so we can communicate. current open corporations that takes applications, was made on 1-10-2014 1:00