Scylla , seed chips, and damage

I have a question,  
for  394.2% damage increase (from seed chips obviously)   how big my damage shoud  be, how much damage I’m and supposed to deal ?I’m  mostly shooting pirates in Northern Mining Station With mass Dirver  Mk5 (Not mass Accelrator , NOT the new years  verson)  
Ship :Scylla 
Depending on the ammo  
Iridium Slugs damage in Defence Mode  is 5-10k in  Boost Mode is 6-12k  kind of  unchanged, variations  seem small to be more than just margin of error (at least that’s what i think)
for Shaped Charged Shells   in Defence Mode barely makeing  it to  4-7k   however in  Boost Mode  is 8-13k  somehow the damage is capped  where it should  be higher ( some  kind  of  glitch or  bug  ?)
The Explosive Shells are 8-15k  in either of  the modes ( this might  be the only one  that shows correctly at this point )

This started to happen a few hours  after  i changed some of the chips , when i installed the new chips and  i went  out  everything was OK   regadless of  what ammo i was using