Screenshots Location - Mac Version

I don’t really know if this is considered a bug since I basically just need to know where to find my screenshots folder.


I was taking an in-game screenshot to post to the forums, and when I took the screenshot the game said it saved to: users/JPADGETT/Pictures/StarConflict/. Upon looking for the screenshot, there was no “StarConflict” folder in there at all, and after searching elsewhere (Steam folder) and finding one folder with that name and opening it, there were no screenshots in that folder either. I even tried searching for the screenshot file itself with no results, but I must be doing something wrong or not looking in the right place, these screenshots have to be saved somewhere on my computer, and if they’re just getting deleted (which I’m really hoping I’m wrong about) then I just wasted a bunch of time…

Anyone else have this issue? Were you able to locate the screenshots? Any help would be much appreciated!


P.S. If this is supposed to be a bug report, please let me know so I can fill one out. Thanks!

Afaik the Screenshot functionality is mostly unimplemented in their OpenGL renderer (Mac and Linux) (You can check the game.log it should mention it). I would recommend to just use the Steam screenshot tool or some other tool.


Edit: Also I’m quite sure they know about it. It at least got reported multiple times for Linux, idk about mac, the bug report section there is mostly graphical glitces and crashes.